This blog has been created partly as a companion to Chemistry for the Biosciences, the textbook that I co-author with Tony Bradshaw, and to act as an archive of posts I write for other sites (particularly the OUPblog). Like the book itself, it explores how life on the scale of atoms and molecules has an impact on biology - at the scale of cells, tissues, and organisms - and seeks to demystify a range of biological and chemical concepts.

The blog's name takes as its inspiration the cover of the first edition of Chemistry for the Biosciences, which depicts a gecko seemingly clinging to its surface. To find out what links geckos to chemistry, read this.

Biological and chemical conundrums

The aim of this blog to demystify those biological and chemical concepts that followers of this blog find themselves most often stumped by. I can't promise to be able to answer every query that comes my way, but I'll try my best.

If you have a query, send me an e-mail and I'll post a response as soon as I can.

I also write a monthly blog post , SciWhys, on the OUPblog; all of my OUPblog posts are archived here shortly after they are first posted.