This blog has been created partly as a companion to Chemistry for the Biosciences, the textbook that I co-author with Tony Bradshaw, and to act as an archive of posts I write for other sites (particularly the OUPblog). Like the book itself, it explores how life on the scale of atoms and molecules has an impact on biology - at the scale of cells, tissues, and organisms - and seeks to demystify a range of biological and chemical concepts.

The blog's name takes as its inspiration the cover of the first edition of Chemistry for the Biosciences, which depicts a gecko seemingly clinging to its surface. To find out what links geckos to chemistry, read this.

About me

I am a science publisher (by day) and science writer (on a more occasional basis). A biochemistry graduate (University of Warwick, 1997), I was a runner-up in the 2001 Daily Telegraph/BASF Young Science Writer Competition, before co-authoring Chemistry for the Biosciences, which first published in 2006.

I have just started to write a regular column, SciWhys, on the OUPblog; these posts will be archived here.